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Document Recovery

Document recovery is not a prepay service. Payment is made after recovery of the corrupt file. You do not pay anything until you have had an opportunity to preview your recovered file. By clicking on the continue button you are directed to an upload facility where you can upload your corrupt document or file. A specialist will attempt to recover the corrupt file. If recovery is successful you are sent an email containing a sample of the recovered file. At this stage you are given the option to make payment. Once we receive notification from PayPal that payment has been completed we will email you the recovered file/document. Please allow time for this process. During busy periods there may be a delay from when payment is made until the recovered file is sent. We can recover most file types but specialise in images and Office documents such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.

Document Recovery Price £50

Virus removal

An Online Support Engineer will connect to your PC, scan your system  and remove any viruses found. The engineer will then ensure that your anti-virus software is correctly configured and updated to help stop future infection. You will then be asked to plug in any external hard drives, usb pens etc that may also have been infected. These will then be scanned and any viruses that are found will be removed. It is important that all external hard drives etc are checked to ensure that your  PC is not re-infected.

Virus removal Price £70

Optimise a slow running PC

We go through a comprehensive list of tasks on your PC to ensure optimum performance.

(List of tasks.)

Remove unnecessary items from your desktop. A cluttered desktop marginally impairs PC performance. This is why Microsoft use the desktop clean up facility which periodically offers to remove unused items from your desktop. (All items that have been removed from your desktop are moved to a folder where they can be accessed at any time or copied back to your desktop if required.)

Disable auto-run software. Many Software manufacturers set their software to auto-run when a PC starts. This means that each time you turn on your PC their software is running in the background. If you have only installed a limited amount of software on your PC it shouldn’t adversely affect the performance of the PC but if over time you have installed a lot of software you will notice PC performance dropping off dramatically. We have the tools and expertise to analyse all software installed on your PC and set software to only run when required which will give a marked improvement in performance.

Run full Disk Defragmentation.

Run Check Disk. Fix file system errors. Scan for bad sectors and restore recoverable sectors.

Check Windows Operating System files and replace any corrupt files found. (SFC /SCANNOW)

Free up drive space.

Uninstall unused software. 

Disable unnecessary background services.  

Clean registry and remove orphaned entries.

Optimise slow running PC £50

Resolve issues in Microsoft Office

We specialise in resolving issues in Microsoft Office. We have the experience and expertise to resolve issues that may occur in Word, Outlook, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.

Resolve issues in Microsoft Office £35

Set up and configure a new PC

If you have purchased a new PC or Laptop we will set it up and configure it to your preference. Included is configuration of anti virus and firewall if preinstalled.

Set up and configure a new PC £40

Set up and configure a new printer/resolve printer issues.

We can resolve most printer issues remotely.

Set up printer/resolve printer issues. £40

Install and configure anti virus

If you have purchased a new anti virus/firewall system we can install and configure it for you.

Configure anti-virus £25

Free Anti-Virus

Most anti-virus systems (including many AV systems preinstalled on new computers) charge a yearly subscription which means that one year from the date of purchase you will have to pay a fee to keep the system working effectively. Online Support offers an alternative. 

Avast anti-virus is a high end anti-virus product that is free to home users. (Online Support charge £40 for installing and configuring the Avast system.) This product must be purchased if used in a corporate or business environment. Unlike many other anti-virus vendors Avast do not charge a yearly subscription to home users so the product is free to home users throughout it's lifetime.

Install and configure Avast anti-virus (1PC) £40

Avast anti-virus for business

We offer a purchase and install package for Avast to business users. An engineer will remote on to each PC in your office to install and configure Avast Endpoint. We can offer significant savings when you purchase our installation package for 5 or more PCs. Please email for a quote.

Install and configure Avast EndPoint (1 PC) £60

All Services

We try to list common faults and give a price for the repair of each specific fault. It is impossible to list all faults and give a specific price for each fault. We will give you a quote for all other work. (The amount that is quoted at the outset is the amount that you pay regardless of how long the job takes to complete.) When you click on continue you will be connected to an engineer (if available). The engineer will discuss the issue with yourself and give you a quote. (The Engineer may have to log on to your PC to diagnose the cause of the issue before giving a quote.)

Get a quote from an engineer