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Printer Support

We specialise in network printer set up. If you have purchased a network printer and need it set up on your office network we can do this using remote access. If you need help setting up a printer at home we can log on to your PC and carry out the printer set up for you.

Printer Setup £40

We have extensive experience in both Laser and Inkjet printer repair.  Have you replaced the toner cartridge on your laser printer and the print is still faded. The problem is usually the fuser (Imaging Drum). We can replace the fuser in most popular Laser printers. Is your laser printer not picking up paper.  This problem is caused by worn pick up rollers. We can overhaul the printer replacing all pickup rollers. Is the printer picking up multiple sheets at once. This fault is caused by worn separator pads. We can easily replace all separator pads on the printer.

Are certain colours faded or not printing in your inkjet printer.This is usually caused by blocked printheads. We have invested in specialised Ultra Sonic cleaning equipment to remove blockages from printheads.

Please contact us by email to get a quote and arrange repair.