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Optimise a slow running PC

We go through a comprehensive list of tasks on your PC to ensure optimum performance.

(List of tasks.)

Remove unnecessary items from your desktop. A cluttered desktop marginally impairs PC performance. This is why Microsoft use the desktop clean up facility which periodically offers to remove unused items from your desktop. (All items that have been removed from your desktop are moved to a folder where they can be accessed at any time or copied back to your desktop if required.)

Disable auto-run software. Many Software manufacturers set their software to auto-run when a PC starts. This means that each time you turn on your PC their software is running in the background. If you have only installed a limited amount of software on your PC it shouldn’t adversely affect the performance of the PC but if over time you have installed a lot of software you will notice PC performance dropping off dramatically. We have the tools and expertise to analyse all software installed on your PC and set software to only run when required which will give a marked improvement in performance.

Run full Disk Defragmentation.

Run Check Disk. Fix file system errors. Scan for bad sectors and restore recoverable sectors.

Check Windows Operating System files and replace any corrupt files found. (SFC /SCANNOW)

Free up drive space.

Uninstall unused software. 

Disable unnecessary background services.  

Clean registry and remove orphaned entries.

Optimise slow running PC £50