Online Support Europe

About us

Online Support Europe is a company dedicated to providing technical support via the Internet to both business and home users. The company provides support to customers across the UK and Ireland.

        The company’s primary aim is to provide a high level of customer service. We are currently building our customer base and realise the importance of return custom. Staff are dedicated to ensuring that customers experience a high level of professionalism and that any faults reported are thoroughly investigated and resolved.
        The company pricing structure is outlined in a clear and concise manner, the price that is quoted is the price that you pay there are no hidden charges. The customer is given a quote right from the outset which means that if the repair takes longer than expected a large bill will never accumulate. (This is not the case with many other companies who charge an hourly rate.)
        With conventional PC repair the customer must disconnect the PC take it to a repair centre, wait for at least a day for the repair to be completed, collect the PC and then reconnect the PC at home. We remote on to the PC and carry out the repair which means that your PC is up and running within a few hours in comparison to conventional PC repair which can often take a few days.
        Online Support Europe provides expertise that can be easily accessed across the Internet and may otherwise not be available within your locality. PC issues are resolved quickly in comparison with traditional methods of PC repair. Our prices are competitive compared with other vendors and our pricing structure is transparent. The technology that we use is tried and tested and we offer an unrivalled level of customer service.